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The purpose of this page is to provide information about the Ski Dubai complex built at the Mall of the Emirates. As may skiing fans will claim the artificial snow can often be very similar to the real thing and the fact that the Dubai Ski center utilizes the newest techniques for artificial snow production explains why so many that visit the center have words of praise for their skiing experience at the resort. Here is some basic info about the center:

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai Ski Dome at the Mall of the Emirates

Location: Dubai , UAE - Exit 39 off Shiekh Zayed Road (when driving towards Al Barsha)


I know, it sounds crazy, but I went skiing in Dubai! Just a year or two ago this might have sounded as a good joke. Well, today thousands of people can acutely claim that they opportunity to ski Dubai 's tallest hills. Yes, it sounds crazy as the air in Dubai (image) is typically very warm with averages hitting approximately ninety degrees Fahrenheit (a bit more than 30 Celsius) and the air is crazy dry. Yet, the people (or money) of Dubai have built an artificial football-size stadium that is located at the new Mall of the Emirates and features plenty high-quality artificial snow crafted and groomed in such a way to satisfy every ski fanatic's needs.

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Structure and Ammenities

So what is “Ski Dubai”? In the nutshell it's a three hundred million dollar playground with five runs (some are black diamond) and a real chairlift that stretches in a diagonal fashion into the heights located some thirty levels above. The superbly operated Alpine wander that rose up from the hot sand of the Arabian peninsula also features a nice quarter pipe groomed for the snowboarders. The facility opened its doors to the visitors from around the world in December of 2005.

Price and Size

Even though this engineering marvel might appear as a frivolous and illogical waste of resources anyone who visited the ever expanding Dubai will probably agree that the city with it's customer base of million inhabitants and millions of tourists that visit it every year is a perfect spot for such an attraction. Needles to say, the city did not earned it's nickname “ Las Vegas of the Orient” without a reason: It's big, it's glitzy and it's sensational. And the latest sensation, the Ski Dubai complex at the Mall of the Emirates is on the right path to accomplish its primary goal: Make money. The admission price (for more details on size and price click here: Facility Stats) to the center is rather average according to the western standards and the price of admission is approximately $14 (as of Jan 06) for adults and $11 for kids. Furthermore, should you require access to the ski slopes you will have to pay that luxury approximately $35 (adult ticket) or $30 (children ticket) and this will grant you for a two-hour access pass.

The center itself is huge and covers almost six acres and can at any point in time welcome more than a thousand people. The management claims that they constantly maintain internal temperature at 28F and that the temperature drops even more during the nightly snow making efforts.

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